Universtiy Students are "On a Roll"

Submitted by geoffrey on Wed, 07/03/2012 - 15:06

This school year 7 University of Melbourne engineering students will do Capstone projects that will benefit villagers in Thailand and afar.  Four students are working on an improved Self-Flushing Down Spout that will help villagers receive clean rain water for drinking.  Rain water is valued for its cleanliness and good taste in many places of the world.   The students will analyse and design a down spout that diverts the first several litres of water that might have lizard or bird faeces in it.  The down spout will also feature a device to screen off floating leaves and debris.  The students will be building on a project done by 2 Cal Poly students in 2009

Another team of engineering students will be designing a "cool" Brick Barrow that will allow Southeast Asian men and women villagers to easily move bricks, blocks and paving slabs around a production yard or construction site.  Their goal is to design a simple cart or barrow that is easy to load and unload and easy to lift and push.

The CVBT often sponsors student projects.  We value the creative energy of university students.