Good Bye Interns: Sam, Tex, Wit and Dollar

Submitted by geoffrey on Wed, 01/02/2012 - 14:43

Sam, Tex, Wit and Dollar, fourth year computer science and information technology students from Rajabhat Institute finished their 3-month internships with the CVBT last Friday.  Their friendly faces are missed already.  Sam and Tex improved our site including adding this blog.  Wit and Dollar improved our economic analysis program for villagers products.  We appreciate their work and hope they have continued success in their careers. 
Being so hardworking (it seems that during their school terms they had to work all night at least 3 times per week) I felt a need to help them relax some.  Every afternoon they had a break.  So now, besides being more proficient in computer programming, they are also expert Frisbee® throwers and catchers.