There are bicycles at the center that are useful for riding to your home stay, and to the market or stores in the next village, Nam Suay.


There are buses to Udon Thani and Nong Khai that run every hour from 7 am to 7 pm.

From Rangsina Market, Udon Thani

Rangsina Market is at the North end of Udon at the intersection of the ring road and the road to Nong Khai. Usually you'll get to Rangsina by taking Song Taew No. 6 At Rangsina, there will be an orange bus (to Nong Khai) and a green bus (to Sri Chaing Mai) qued to go. Try to figure out which one will leave soonest (usually the fullest one). Women should be careful not to sit in the very back next to the male monks. The fare is about 25 baht. Someone will get on to sell you a ticket before the bus leaves or else they'll take your money (or they'll take your ticket) once the bus is going. If you're hungry, you might want to buy a snack before you leave.

Get off the bus at kilometer stone number 147, about 30 km out. Let the attendant or driver know you want to get off. Or, give them my phone number once you get going and I'll give them instructions. Read the number of the kilometer stones on the side that faces the highway. The entrance to our center is across the highway.

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