Since 1991, the CVBT has been using, researching, developing and promoting small-scale building material manufacturing technologies as a means to create new employment for villagers.

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The CVBT designs tools, technologies and products for small-scale production and testing of building materials. The CVBT has developed several appropriate technologies to help villagers easily make quality products. A very simple one is the plastic measuring bucket. Fabricated from PVC pipe it has a relatively small mouth compared to its tall height. This makes for small error in measuring raw materials (sand, stone, and soil) for making products. The CVBT is world famous for its “winged ridge” system for concrete roof tiles. It makes an eye-pleasing finish to a roof. The CVBT maintains a small workshop and has computer and manual design facilities.

Solar High-Humidity Curing of Concrete Products

Article on High Humidity Curing by Geoffrey Wheeler

MicroConcrete Roof Tiles

Technical Brief on MCR (Microconcrete Roof Tile) Production