Self-Cleaning Downspout

Large guttered roof with rain water collection tank at the CVBT

Rainwater is collected for drinking water in Thailand and other developing countries. It is a source of delicious healthy water. Sheet metal rain gutters with downspouts and barrels, jars and tanks are used for collecting water. When a storm comes, the first water that runs off a roof will have some contamination from dust and bird and lizard feces. As well there may be insects and leaves. These are not wanted in the water

In 2009 two Cal Poly students designed a self-flushing downspout that diverts the first 30 or so liters of rain water so that the sinking unwanted contaminants are not collected with the drinking water. The design was improved by two groups of students from the University of Melbourne. Their design was not successful as their floating debris filter clogged and less water went into the tank. In October of 2014 the downspout was blown down and damaged in a wind storm. In 2015 it was repaired (100 baht); it is nice to see that the design is repairable by a skilled craftsperson. The CVBT continues to improve the design.

Self Draining Downspout Project by Danielle Vigent and Morgan Miller